SKV believes in having happy school atmosphere to encourage children to be involved in schooling. There are various occasions to bring this happy atmosphere in the school. Enough functions and celebrations are done in the school every year themes and topics that are relevant to the academic and personality development of the children.

In SKV the schools are well equipped with world class laboratory infrastructure. The student labs for physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Computer Science. The school also house exclusive special labs for Mathematics, History and Geography and language lab English, Hindi and French.


A lavish 1,500 seat auditorium specially designed with excellent acoustics in provided as a platform for Stage performances, Meetings, Gathering and Celebrations, where future leaders and global citizens gain confidence.

Celebrations is one of the ways of learning for the skvians. Through different celebrations children’s learn about different customs and traditions of our country. These celebrations make them widen their knowledge about the things around them. It paves way for the vital development of the child.

  • Colours day
  • Vegetable day
  • Parents day
  • Fruits day
  • Family day
  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day
  • Kite-flying day
  • Flowers day
  • Field trip
  • Brushing & washing day
  • Project day
  • Grand parents day
  • Fancy Dress completions Nature walk
  • Diwali celebration
  • Picnic with mothers – K.G
  • Transport day (Bullock cart, Tractor, Elephant Ride)
  • Making my Garden
  • A Day with mother
  • A Day with Father