Extra Curricular Activities

Indoor Games

Every Student in SKV from class I to VIII attends  ECA activities on daily basis. They are trained by certified coaches in various disciplines. The best of space & facilities is created for the conduct of the indoor games like.

  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Gymnastics
  • Badminton
  • Carom

Outdoor Games

To develop their physical fitness and nurture spirit of sportsmanship. Excellent infrastructure is available for

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Basket Ball
  • Athletic
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Karate


The Students of SKV are given maximum exposure to develop their Musical Intelligence. Every day an hour special training is given to students based on their choice of musical instruments. Expert artists train the children in both dance and music (Classical & Western). Student have a choice of ten musical instruments to choose from and learn. The school also has its own school band orchestered by students. The musical Instruments are Veenai/ Miruthangam, Thapela, Guitar, Keyboard Western Dance.

Arts & Craft

The artistic skills of the children are groomed from very early stage of Montessori education system. The students are given more exposure and opportunities to develop the special and visual intelligence. Art & craft is a part of curriculum at all levels. The students are also given special training in mind mapping to understand the concepts clearly in all subjects.

Club Activities

Club activities are conducted to cater to the varied interest of the students. The activities are conducted during school hours. The following clubs are in existence for the current year.

Creative science club

  • Kabirdas Hindi Club
  • Davenski Club
  • Creative Club
  • Philately Club
  • Memory Club
  • Readers Club
  • Cultural Club
  • Music Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Yoga Club
  • NSS
  • NGS


The yoga student have achieved lots of Glory and have left their mark in the field of activity amply demonstrated by the titles won by them.

Competitions & Tournaments

The students of SKV are prepared to be highly competitive in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

  • The school has a pre-planned regular program every year for tournaments and competitions.
  • Every student must participate in at least 10 tournaments and competitions every year.
  • SKV students are trained to be highly competent to be the winner in their field of activity.
  • The school conducts house-wise and zone wise competitions to identify top performers.
  • The school also gives training and preparation for the student to win the prizes in State and National level competitions.